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Our products and services are listed below:

Local Area Network

Local Area Network is cable connection of computers in an area such as office, building or home. We install full working Local Area Networks and test all the points. This includes installation of cables, trunking, face plates, patch panels and switches.

Server Installations

We are specialists in linux, unix and Microsoft servers with the required applications such as mail servers, spam or content filtering software, etc.

Cisco / Juniper / SonicWall / Check Point / Cyberoam firewalls

We are specialists in all types of firewalls in the market. We can configure access list to block users not to user specific applications / users. We can block certain websites or block sites for certain period of time.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is the process of connecting multiple sites (such as HQ and Remote site) together via the public network or internet. VPN is setup to share files, printer, applications, email server and many more.

Web Designing and Software Development

We have a specialised team to handle designing your professional website. Our team works with many of our corporate clients for a desired outcome. We used many platforms for development such as PHP, Java, MySQL, PostGRE, Oracle and many more

We also have a professional software development team to handle development of application that can used indoor (installed on a server) or web applications (accessible from anywhere). The platforms we use is .NET, Visual Basic, AJAX, C#, C++ and many more

Web Hosting

We provide various professional web hosting plans for very competitive rates. For more info, visit our Hosting plans.

Surveillance Camera

We provide a full solution for monitoring your offices and warehouse including the installation of cameras and DVR machines. Depending the number of cameras required, we can give you a competitive prices.

Wireless and point to point installations – Radio Frequency installations

We have a professional team of radio Frequency engineers who have worked in wide spectrum of companies. We can provide point to point or point to multi-point device installations. We deal with wide range of radio frequency equipment’s in the market.

Firewall and Mail server

We have a well-equiped team of engineers who can install and support wide range of firewall equipments. We can also install mail servers, spam filter softwares, hyperv and many other types of applications depending on the company needs.

Brochure and leaflet designing and printing

We have a professional team of designers who can design anything from receipt books up to brochures, leaflets and any type of banner depending on the requirements.

Animated designing and 3D Design and Animation

We have an amazing team of designers who can professionally create animated and 3D movies or clips for any purpose including for advertisements.

SMS and VoIP calls

We are also dealers of small message system (SMS) and VoIP call to Tanzania and other international countries such as south Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, just to name a few.

Our rates are the most competitive in the market till today.

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